About B4B hub

b4b hub is a an initiative of Foundation Generation in partnership with Kauzi Foudantion . Our main aim is to support beginner entrepreneurs from the start of their business to the end of the first year. The pilot phase addresses women from North-West Bulgaria and is supported by Bulgarian Fund for Women. The model is innovative and it is its first implementation in Bulgaria. b4b hub is a platform where social responsible companies support beginner entrepreneurs with goods and services needed for the initial stage of their existence. That’s why the slogan of the initiative is “From Business to Business”. More about b4b hub and participating companies here

Mode of operating

Generation Foundation experts, together with the Kauzi Foundation, train and mentor start-ups, prepare business plans with them, and help them find financing to start a business. At the same time, the organizations are working to attract companies – chains for the sale of computer equipment, software, furniture, accounting and marketing companies, advertising agencies and others, who join the platform by providing free goods or services necessary for the development of start-up businesses. At the end of the cycle, transparent criteria are announced, according to which the ‘prize pool’ is allocated on a competitive basis.